Laravel Vs WordPress - Which One Is Ideal To Use In 2023

Which is the Best Site BuilderFramework for you in 2023- Laravel or WordPress?

When you hire web developer professionals for creating a website from scratch, they may face a dilemma. With so many user-friendly, customizable platforms, how can they be sure which is the right choice? Both LARAVEL and WordPress have become go-to technologies for site-builders. Now let’s see which is right for you:

  • Overview: LARAVEL is an open-source PHP framework facilitating the development of web applications. You will LARAVEL being used extensively for developing e-commerce sites. WordPress, like LARAVEL, is an open-source framework that has grown into a leading site builder, commanding a market share of more than 40%. It is user-friendly, free, and supported by a large active community. 

  • Usage: As a developer, you need to have knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS to use LARAVEL. So, it’s not recommended for a newbie. At the same time, it’s perfect when you want to scale up a project. For using WordPress, you don’t need any prior knowledge of coding, although this can definitely be useful. 

  • Suitability: LARAVEL was designed mainly for web application development while WordPress was meant for designing sites. 

  • Design: A website’s design needs to be impressive enough to keep audiences hooked to it. LARAVEL offers many customization options in packages, some of which are free (with limited options) and most are paid. If you have talented designers working for you, they can create stunning responsive sites without the need for any package. WordPress development is preferred because of the overwhelming number of user-friendly themes you can access. Each theme and layout is customizable even when you have zero coding experience.

  • Accessibility: Web development needs to be easy and quick; whether you use LARAVEL or WordPress. The idea is to opt for a framework that doesn’t have a steep learning curve. People want accessible structures which facilitate quick site creation through easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools. LARAVEL requires some degree of coding knowledge making it a tad difficult for beginners. But, it’s intuitive and created on a robust structure, which, according to experts, is coded better than most platforms. WordPress originally meant to create blog sites, can now be used to develop any kind of site without coding expertise. Its collection of plugins and themes lets you add features with a few clicks of the mouse. 

  • E-commerce usage: Both LARAVEL and WordPress can make it easy for you to build e-commerce sites as they are customizable. LARAVEL development appears easier because everything here is uniformly created, unlike traditional e-commerce solutions which had to be updated one by one. WooCommerce by WordPress now supports more than 5 million stores online; this tool revolutionizes WordPress by supporting all kinds of payment gateways. 

  • SEO: When you use LARAVEL, installing SEO can be complex, making it unsuitable for beginners. You can, however, choose packages designed to streamline search engine optimization since there aren’t any native SEO tools. WordPress, on the contrary, has built-in SEO tools allowing you to change URL structures, themes, and set taxonomies. Plugins like Yoast SEO are unparalleled as far as optimization goes.

The right choice of a site builder framework depends on what you want to create. WordPress is free and suited for all types of websites, backed by a growing user community. It’s perfect for news portals, blogs, and web presentations. LARAVEL is better suited for large e-commerce stores, complicated web applications, and complex backend systems. Experienced PHP developers can opt for a hybrid model to get the best of both worlds.

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