Vapor PHP 8.2 Release

Vapor: PHP 8.2 Release Candidate is now Supported

Vapor Project is now allowing you to use PHP 8.2 on your Vapor projects. This team is committed to providing you with the most robust and developer-friendly PHP experience in the entire world. Vapor is your PHP solution, and it is high time for you to contact Vapor if you have not done so till now. You can start by creating your account at: 

Vapor makes you now capable of deploying applications powered by PHP 8.2 release candidates to your Vapor environment. You can start by simply specifying php-8.2: a12 as your preferred run time in your Vapor application’s vapor_ym1 configuration file. 

You can update the PHP version even if your application is using Docker runtimes. 

You may experience a not-so-well response for some of the Vapor features, PHP features, and PHP extensions at the time of your running environments on PHP 8.2. You may have to wait till your PHP 8.2 receives a stable release for your environment to automatically receive it after it has a subsequent deployment. 

Vapor: PHP 8.2 Release Candidate is now supported-

The facility has started today. You can start using PHP 8.2 Release Candidate in your Vapor environment from today only. You have to simply specify php-8.2:al2 to get started. It is your preferred runtime in your vapor.yml configuration file. 

LARAVEL: It’s New about command-

Artisan has a fresh new look which has been recently introduced. It is followed by LARAVEL and LARAVEL took some time to identify new Artisan commands. It helped to improve further the LARAVEL experience. About is another newly introduced command which displays information about the environment of your application. 

LARAVEL: New DB Commands: 

This week LARAVEL v9.24 has introduced three new DB commands and more. It follows the release of last week that was focussed on Artisan. LARAVEL v9.32.0 has two new artisan commands, which was env:encrypt and env:decrypt. 

LARAVEL: its new model: show command:

LARAVEL took some time to identify new Artisan commands to improve further the LARAVEL experience after Artisan introduced a recently fresh new look for itself. One of the newly introduced commands is model: show, which dumps out the model and table highlights for the given model. 

LARAVEL ecosystem that includes LARAVEL, Forge, and Vapor is now 8.1 Ready: 

LARAVEL, first-party libraries, Forge, Envoyer, Nova, and Vapor now support PHP 8.1. Parallel testing is also now available in LARAVEL.

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