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Angular v14 Is Now Available.

One of the outstanding creations of Google, Angular, is among the list of such creations and is a type-based web application. Recently, it released the latest version of Angular, which is v14. From standalone elements and typed forms to new primitives in the recent version of Angular. 

This recent release is great news for all enthusiasts. In this article, you will find all that’s new in this latest version of Angular. Also, you will find out what more it offers for the developers regarding features and updates in v14. 

The New Elements In Angular v14 

There are many new features in this new release of the Angular web application. These are: 

Standalone Components – 

This latest version includes new standalone components. This will make the process of Angular development easier than before. The major work of these components is to streamline the creation of any Angular application by cutting down the requirements for NgModules. 

In v14, these components are in the mode of developer preview. After that, they can be used in applications for exploring and developing procedures. However, there are chances of API becoming unstable and unable to alter the outside of any regular backward compatibility procedure. 

But, the framework will continue building schematics, like ng new <app-name> –standalone. Also, it will keep capturing the use cases along with the learning process for this latest model. 

Typed Angular Form – 

This latest v14 version is ending the top GitHub issue of Angular. This issue was implementing certain strict typing for the package of Angular Reactive Form. 

The recent feature of Typed forms ensures safety in using the whole API surface. For certain deeply nested issues, this feature leads to safer forms. Typed forms result from huge public requests for design reviews and comments. 

The new schematics aid in progressive migration to the typed forms. It lets you add typing to already existing forms moderately added with complete backward compatibility. 

Extended Diagnostics – 

The latest extended diagnostics are created to deliver you with an extendable frame. It lets you gain profound insight into your templates and how to enhance them. 

This expanded diagnostic feature renders compile-time alarms with accurate and actionable indications for your templates, capturing bugs before run-time. 

Best Streamline Practices –

The new Angular JS Development Services is ready to let you experience something at your convenience. With the latest instructions for change detection, v14 has various built-in tools for developers. With the help of these tools, they can top-notch applications ranging from code editors to routing. 

Additional Enhancements In Angular v14

More different features are standing as the highlights of this new release. The major three features are like this; now, you can bind the protected component members straight from the created templates, which lets you hold more control over the API surface. Another feature is that AngularJS supports the insert of the optional injector. And lastly, the top issues are being ended with the help of community contribution. 


So, this new version is sparking interest among the developers. You can add it to your list, and the features can help you with the developing processes. 

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