Google Releases December 2022 Link Spam Update

Google Releases December 2022 Link Spam Update

Everyone was under the impression that Google Search Updates were over for the current year. But only then did Google publish a link spam update for December 2022.  

This Google algorithm update will take approximately two weeks to publish Google fully. Google globally rolls out this Google algorithm update

Google’s comment on this launch of link spam update: 

Google commented that “quote “Our launch today, which we refer to as the December 2022 link spam update, will take about two weeks to roll out fully. The ranking may change as spammy links are neutralised, and any credit passed by these unnatural links is lost. This launch will affect all languages. ” Unquote”

SpamBrain for links: 

Google spam updates were felt necessary as Google took this action to correct the link spam situation and what came more or less by surprise. This is a leveraging action that Google calls “SpamBrain” This was launched in 2018 and is an Artificial Intelligence-based spam prevention system. It identified six times more spam in the year 2021 than in 2020, as claimed by Google. 

Google refers to SpamBrain in its Google Spam Report 2018. The Spam Trend Section was specifically mentioned by Google, where Google mentions its machine learning system, which is useful for searching spam detection. Spam Trend helped reduce deceptive websites by more than 60% compared to 2018. The capability and efficiency of catching spam are constantly improving Google, and Google is continuously investing in reducing the harm from such scams and frauds. 

Google further states that SpamBrain can detect both buying links and sites used to pass outgoing links, in addition to directly detecting spam. 

The Helpful Content System is still rolling out: 

Google is still rolling out the December 2022 helpful content system. This is along with the rolling out of Google spam update. Google’s helpful content system update for December 2022 is now adding new signals. This brings helpful content updates globally for all languages. 

What is the concern of Google in this matter? 

The websites have to ensure that all their links are natural. Or there may be a declining ranking in Google over the coming two weeks. The websites also have to follow Google’s webmaster guidelines. Websites have to work towards improving the site to a status that can attract natural new links over some time. 

Google spam updates and algorithm updates are here to improve the quality and ranking of your websites by making them rich with new natural links.

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