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At times, you may feel like using Flutter but want to avoid building from scratch. In this case, the add-to-app feature of Flutter is a perfect match for you. To make things easier, the team at Flutter has created a sample of the add-to-app model. This will show you how Flutter can be combined with a native codebase and with minimal effort. 

If you want to explore Flutter to try it out eventually, or if you want to showcase its tangible way of functioning, this article is for you. To learn how Flutter works, ensure you go until this article’s end. 

Add Flutter To A Native Newspaper Application 

Connecting a Flutter framework to any native application and running it is just a game of a few codes. Here’s a short tutorial where you can learn to use a feature of Flutter. Consequently, with the help of the add-to-app model of Flutter, you can incorporate it into a native application with barely a few lines. 

This project is divided into two parts. The foremost part consists of three similar newsfeeds: the web, Android, and iOS. The Flutter applications are easy to use and highly interactive. It can run on almost all devices, and you can scroll down the feed and click on the news. At the same time, the second division of this project is a pop-up dialogue that asks the users for their feedback on the app. This particular feature, called Net Promoter Score or NPS, is created with the help of Flutter. 

You can head on to the example repository, where you will find a folder for every outlet along with the codes for the newsfeed applications. Moreover, in the similar repository, you will notice another folder with the name flutter_nps where you can get your hands on all the Flutter code for these NPS modules. 

Add Flutter With Angular On the Web

In the native web application, the Flutter app runs in the form of <iframe>. Now, to include this feature into the codebase of Angular, firstly run Flutter build for the web’s aim. After this step, you will get a generated file, index.html, along with similar important files. You can copy all of these into the Angular application’s src folder. From this location, the files can be referred to the iframe. 

Addition Of Flutter With Kotlin To Android

The addition of NPS modules into any Android application is easy as well. Firstly, you need to start with the Flutter activity with the help of a cached engine. This engine will start warming in the background as the native news application is launched. This will aid in a quick transition from the original Kotlin code to that of Flutter. And this will lead to the seamless functioning of Flutter in any Android application

Combining Flutter With SwiftUI Into iOS 

It’s also possible to incorporate the NPS modules within an iOS application as well. Firstly, insert the compilation of Flutter modules into the app in the build settings of Xcode. After this, create a system of Flutter engines to start it. 


As now you have the Flutter app development codes to run with the native applications, you can try out other fun features of Flutter. These include checking out how NPS supports multiple platforms, implicit animations, and other additional features. 

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