5 Most Important Reasons To Use Wordpress
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5 Most Important Reasons to Use WordPress

Most Popular CMS of WordPress

WordPress started as a blogging tool but slowly it evolved as a powerful website builder and robust CMS (content management system). It is the simplest and most popular tool for building your websites and blogs. Over 32% of the website today are powered up by this platform.

WordPress is an open-source content management system. A content management system is a tool that helps to manage important aspects of a website- like- content that too without any programming knowledge. It is free to install, deploy and upgrade. WordPress can be used to set up sites ranging from small personal blogs to large corporate business websites with complex functions and multiple users.

Due to its robust feature, top brands like Facebook, Sony, Disney, New York Times, and much more use WordPress to power their websites. The advantages of this web development platform are endless. Here are the top 5 benefits of using WordPress.

1) The most popular CMS in the world :

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS with over 500 new websites being developed every day on the platform. As a result, many users are familiar with WordPress CMS, which requires less training when building a new website. WordPress can be self-hosted, so there is no cost incurred in downloading, installing, and upgrading.

2) Easy to use:

The most vibrant feature of WordPress is its ease of use. Once you have downloaded WordPress, it doesn’t take long to set up and begin adding content. It comes with an inbuilt dashboard where users can add new pages, blogs, posts, change themes, etc which can be done quickly. Technology is simple therefore it is absolutely easy for beginners to maintain the website without any hiccups.

3) WordPress is completely customized:

Most people using WordPress are neither web designers nor programmers. Hence people start using WordPress without any prior knowledge of websites design. There are website themes for any kind of website and it is easy to customize the website themes because they come with an options panel that allows you to change the colors, upload your logo, change the background, create beautiful sites and customize all your needs without writing any code. 

4) Always accessible for an authorized user:

WordPress websites can be managed by multiple users. Since WordPress is self-hosted with a hosting provider of your choice, it can be accessed by any computer device by the one who has been granted the appropriate permissions. This helps users work remotely and collaborate with others if required.

5) SEO friendly and features:

WordPress sites are clean and accessible for search engines like Google which provides a higher ranking and more visibility to the company. Once search engines recognize the purpose of your website you will start to rank higher in search results. This is all because of SEO (search engine optimization).

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